Hopesprings is a church in the Slate Belt of Pennsylvania committed to being transformed by God and being change agents of God in our neighborhoods.


In June of 2005, we began to pray about finding a place to fellowship that was committed to living missionally. We were looking for a church that addressed culture in relevant ways and yet remained true to the fidelity of scripture. Much to our surprise the Lord began leading us to start that church.


When we started listening and stopped hoping someone else would do it we discovered we were five couples with a vision to reach our neighbors around the block and around the world with the message of Jesus and His transforming power in our lives.


We met with great expectation, trusting that God was going to do something new and fresh in our lives and the lives we touched.


We envisioned a group of people who would take the good news of God’s love beyond the traditional walls of the established church and share His message with our community in relevant ways. 


Hopesprings is quite the mosaic of people. We’re teachers and mechanics, engineers and homemakers, farmers and designers, building contractors and counselors, artists and musicians, mom’s and dad’s, students, young and old, regular folks just like you, working and worshipping Him… together.


It’s been an interesting ride so far…We’re never bored, that’s for sure. We keep dreaming God-sized dreams about impacting our communities; dreams that are doomed to fail unless He shows up… In that sense our history is still being written as we learn to live it in His Story…

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