Dave Brink

Community Life Pastor

Dave was born in NJ and has been a resident of the Slate Belt since 2007. He bumped into the amazing girl next door and has been married to Audra since 2009. He has a degree in Network Engineering and Data Communications from The Chubb Institute.


To make money he works as a full time IT geek at Phoenix Insurance Group and part-time as an online entrepreneur. He has been involved in student ministry since 2006 and loves serving GOD, playing video games, hiking, and discussing life. Last but not least Dave and Audra are lovers of geek culture and enjoy attending epic events like New York Comic Con... You should too!

Karl Stopfer                  

Worship Leader

Pam Stopfer                                 

Visual Design & Administration

Pam grew up in Mt Bethel & Karl grew up in Bangor,  not far from one another, yet they were from two different worlds.  She was a farm girl and he was a town kid.  They met in middle school, began dating in high school, and married after graduating from college.  They have been married for 29 years and have 4 amazing kids, Kameron, Kaity, Kassi, and Kristen. Often times you will find them hiking, playing board games, or going to the beach together. Life is always an adventure!


Karl went to college for Music and enjoys leading the worship team on Sunday mornings.  If you enjoy talking about music theory, he's your guy.  You can usually find him with his guitar in hand learning new music, practicing scales, and refining his craft.  Karl lives by the quote, "A day without learning is a day wasted." 

Pam loves photography & graphic design and is always looking for something creative to do. She is passionate about God and seeing people connect with Him.  Her favorite thing about Hopesprings is that it's a place for everyone.


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