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You've got kids, well so do we! Lots of them. We’re crazy about our kids and we are committed to excellence in our ministry to them in a safe, healthy, and creative environment.

Our mission is to creatively nurture kids to love God and share His love. We want children to know that they are valued, important, and an integral part of the family of Hopesprings.  We see kids waking up their parents on Sunday mornings because they can't wait to get to church.  Church just shouldn't be allowed to be this much fun...

What to expect...

You can expect to have your children surrounded by caring adults. We know a safe environment is important so all of our volunteers submit to background screenings (even Grandma).  You can also expect to sign your children in and out. This assures that each child leaves with the right parent! We also ask that you promptly pick up your children following the gathering.



This program is designed for grades K thru 5. After signing your child in, you will bring them into the worship gathering with you.  Children will be dismissed as a group, usually after the music.  Our hopekids gatherings will be an empowering place where kids can explore their faith and learn more about the story of God. Kids are encouraged to express their God-given creativity through art and drama and motivated to put feet to their faith by taking part in service projects in our community and beyond.


Babies & Toddlers

Our nursery is also available and staffed for the little ones through age four. As babies are well attended to, toddlers will be engaged in a variety of activities. We ask that you have all personal belongings (diaper bags, cups/bottles) labeled with your child's name to prevent confusion. You are welcome to bring a snack and drink for your little one and anything else that makes your child feel comfortable. It would also help our volunteers if you would take your toddler to the bathroom ahead of time.

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